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Language Matters Diabetes 

Language Matters Diabetes has slowly evolved into a global movement that discusses the language we use when dealing with different types of diabetes.  These guides provide practical examples of language that will encourage positive interactions with people living with diabetes and subsequently positive outcomes. 

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The hope is, that with Language Matters, health care professionals will become constant guides, who are approachable and empathetic – people we choose to go to constantly, not are forced to go to. Hopefully, Language Matters, can help bring Type 1 Diabetes out of the darkness, into the warm shining light.


—  Jazz Sethi, person with Type 1 Diabetes

Founder Director, The Diabesties Foundation

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Language Matters

#LanguageMatters Diabetes has become a global movement, initially inspired by Jane Speight & Renza Scibilia in Australia (2012), subsequently in the USA led by Jane Dickinson (2017), further in the UK as coordinated by the NHS (2018), then in India (2020) and Latin America (2020) and now into a truly global movement. 

Over the course of time, this has continued to gain wider acceptance and understanding in the medical fraternity and is being used to make the conversation around Diabetes more comfortable and empathetic.

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